Advertise With Me

Even though my blog is new I still have a lot of eyes on my work! Especially in the Denver area. I’m always looking for partnerships.


  •    You will get wide exposure as the number of daily audiences from within the Aurora metro area.
  •    The rate is fair. I’m also open to bartering for local services.

Types of ads

Here’s a few of the options I’m thinking:

Banner ads

You can have banner ads of different sizes on top of the page, the bottom of the page and the side bars. The size of banner you choose depends on your budget.

Guest posts

You can write for us as a guest writer. The post must be about veterinary medicine or pet ownership. You should do thorough research before writing the post. You can place a link to your site with the post.

Sponsored post

I can write about your product or service in my article. I need to be convinced that your offer will benefit my audiences. I don’t want to peddle garbage. I will also not accept veterinary practices for this. Too close to home and I can’t be bought in that regard.

Interested? Have a different idea? Contact me.