5 Tips for Selecting the Best Dog Boarding Facility in Denver

Doggie day care is a big business in Denver. More than a few of them have sprung up over the last few years and it can be hard to choose. I put together a quick post on what you need to look for before leaving your best furry friend with a stranger for the day!

  1. Look for amenities and safety features on the facility. The place must be designed to reduce stress on your pet. You should choose a facility that offers many pet-friendly games, regular walks and different forms of exercises. Take a close look at the fencing. More than a few trips to the veterinarian have been a result of dogs trying to escape from poorly set up fencing.
  2. Cleanliness is critical. You should know how often the facility is disinfected, what kinds of cleaning products are used, etc. A clean facility will make your pet healthy.
  3. Ask about the daily routine they maintain for pets. This will ensure that your pet will remain happy and healthy in the boarding facility. You wouldn’t want to pay for someone to watch your pet only to find out they just kennel them all day.


By choosing a good boarding facility for your pet while you are away will keep your pet healthy and safe. It will make you feel comfortable, and you will be able to enjoy your work day or vacation without worrying about your pet.

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