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My name is Dr. Antonio Calvizzan but most people call be Dr. Calvizz without the “an”.  I’m a veterinarian in beautiful Denver Colorado. I’ve been in practice for more than 10 years but every day still seems new, exciting and almost entirely unexpected! That’s what I love about working in veterinary medicine! Not only do I get to work with the most lovely and innocent dogs and cats on the planet and make them feel better, I am challenged every day by new ideas and cases! What else could a man want?

Let’s get right into it. We recently had a dog come in with classic symptoms of rat poison. There are a surprising amount of Denver residents who use rat poison on a regular basis. Come spring time, there are plenty of rats to go around! Anyways, the dog was vomiting, had diarrhea that was somewhat blue in color and all the other tell tale signs that rat poison was ingested. But the dog was also young and unvaccinated which meant those signs could have been consistent with parvo virus as well.

Thus the dilemma. Do we treat for parvo virus or rat poison? While there are some similarities in the treatment protocol (stabilizing the patient via fluids and other supportive care) we certainly don’t want to induce vomiting in a parvo virus dog as that would only make the dehydration worse. On the other hand, we don’t want to not induce vomiting on a dog that has recently ingested rat poison. But the big question of the day (which somehow no one knew) was does rat poison expire. If the rat poison that the dog ingested was expired, we should expect a much less severe reaction. While it may sound strange since so many expiration dates don’t seem to have much significance when it comes to poison it is a different ball game. The effectiveness of poison drops off by more than 90% two weeks after the expiration date.

Want to know the answer?

Then stay tuned next week!


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